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Meet Steph


Hi Quarter Life Peeps,

I am so thrilled you have landed on this site – and are thinking about joining a retreat with us! I’m Steph, an intuitive life coach, meditation and movement facilitator, Activist for social change and founder of The Quarter Life Health Project.

It’s my greatest passion to journey along side you and to facilitate you home to your truest and most empowered self! There was once a time when I felt totally crippled by my own anxieties, panic attacks and depression, where I felt completely overwhelmed about my future and consequently stuck in a rut, living every day in fear and not fully connect to my truth!

Everything I facilitate during retreat comes from my own experience, and that’s how I am certain that there is a way through this quarter life crisis, because I’ve lived it myself! Life is always going to be full of uncertainties, struggles, pain and heart-ache, but the one constant we do have is ourselves.

What I have awakened to through my own journey is that we are taught from a very young age to unconsciously give our power away by seeking self-worth and validation is external things. The perfect partner, the perfect body, fame, money, material things, and so on… And for me, it was only when I began to look inwards that my entire life changed for the better.

Nourishing myself in body, mind, heart and soul every damn day, has been the best investment I have ever made. From this place, my external world is manifested as I dream it up – and now, when life throws me a curve ball, it doesn’t consume me with worry, fear and stress like it used to, because I have taken my power back – life is no longer happening to me, I am no longer living in victim consciousness, instead I lead a self-empowered life with far more peace and ease than I could ever have imagined was possible!

I want the same for you – and that’s ultimately what we do here at The Quarter Life Health Project. I think of this space as my mini “school” – where we get to un-learn and re-learn what we didn’t get taught in the classroom.

This space offers you the opportunity to call back your power, to re-align with your soul truth and navigate your life from this place.

It would be a total honour to take that journey with you, should you feel the call!

Love Steph x


This retreast was mind-blowing. Everything was so educational and thought-provoking, and it left you feeling stunned or mystified that it could be so simple yet so earth-shaking. It’s quite clear that both Steph and Rebecca have done a lot of work/healing on themselves that they became instant role models for me. A highlight was the second night of shaking it off/ dancing with eyes closed because I felt myself just give into the practice (which I may not have fully done the first night) and it just felt so magical and special to hear everyone’s shouting and howling all around me. I felt like I was part of something big and special and I felt safe in our wild woman pack.

Laura, 30

This retreat was life changing. I realized so much during the workshops, and learnt so much about myself. Most of which I´m still doing back home. Such wise and beautiful women. I want more, to learn more, to just sit in their company and soak up all that they radiate. Such goddesses. I kept saying before leaving that I wished I had a pocket sized Steph and Rebecca that I could carry with me, and I feel like I got my wish. Things they´ve said will pop up in my mind at the perfect time since coming home. I feel different from meeting them. Like seeing them be so true to themselves, made me be true to me. I feel changed, and like I´m who I´ve been deep down all along at the same time. I hope to learn more from these women. I could go on, but there really aren´t words. Except: thank you, thank you, thank you!

Camilla, 20

In a society overwhelmed with social pressures and self-sabotage, Steph, Rebecca and Maya have selflessly facilitated a safe space for women to reconnect and trust in their authentic self. Each day brought new emotional challenges, insights, learnings and discoveries, but it was so special to experience every moment with a group of women who genuinely wanted to support and hold space for each other. In the weeks following the QLHP, I have been more kind, more brave and more confident in myself than I could have ever thought possible. I am so full of gratitude to have spent a week laughing, crying, dancing, singing, growing and healing with such incredible, inspiring, utterly powerful women. For any woman interested or curious in nurturing their authentic self, I cannot recommend the QLHP enough!

Amy, 26

I just wanted to say thank you so much for this week. Words honestly can’t express how amazing and truly life changing this experience has been for me and how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to meet you and be a part of something so powerful and special. I feel so privileged to have been here with so many beautiful souls. The Quarter Life Health Project is such an exciting and unique concept and I can’t wait to watch it grow!

Flo, 25

I enjoyed all of it! But highlights would have to be the food (of course!!) It was all so delicious and I loved that you have now sent on the recipes. It also just goes to show that eating a plant-based diet is easy & yum!!! Another highlight for me was the free movement. The feeling that I experienced during our first session was AMAZING. I felt so free, and happy and had such an amazing experience! Also, the girls in my tribe were amazing, we had such an amazing group!!! I also really loved the teachers. I felt they were so strong and inspirational!!!! I couldn’t imagine having done this experience without them.

Morgan, 28

I Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the past week, I don't even think words do it justice just what an amazing experience it was, everything about the retreat from the incredible teachers, inspirational women, delicious food and of course your welcoming energy was beyond anything I could have imagined or expected. I hate to be cringey but I'm going to say it honestly was so life changing and life affirming! I thought I'd come back and be miserable but I have this sense of calmness and peace, I guess in part it comes with the realization when I was out there that I'm exactly where I need to be and on the right path and I'm now excited to see what happens next, so thank you for that too! I admire completely what you do and I've seen first hand just how important and necessary it is, we all need to be educated and empowered!!

Kirsty, 27

Transformative; I honestly believe that through visiting the retreat I have taken my first step on a new path. Though I am unsure of what the path/journey is and I am still unsure of why I am the way I am, I know that I want to take all that I learnt from each teacher and implement it in my life to help me find happiness. I know now that it is not going to be simple and it make take a very long time, but as long as I keep on with trying to find balance and peace within myself, I’ll be ok. Getting to know all the girls was a highlight for me. I haven’t really ever been around such nice women before, those that embrace and care for other women rather than be in competition with them. The first couple of days were really daunting and it didn’t help that I constantly cried, but all the girls and teachers made me feel safe and I really appreciated that. I also absolutely loved letting go and dancing during the moon meditation and on our last night!

Keris, 26

I think it is a brave move to apply for The Quarter Life Health Project retreat, it is very symbolic of being responsible for your own life and so to have the right guidance is key. Like any school environment, it is all about the teachers, you always remember your favorite teachers they touch your soul somehow and the women who run this program do just that, they are exceptionally unique, powerful and insightful women.

Hannah, 35

In a nutshell, for the whole of 2015 I was battling with ‘IBS’ and a massive lack of energy, which after a while I accepted had nothing to do with food or a medical problem, but I had no idea how to deal with it. Despite being gluten, dairy, sugar free, vegan, keeping fit, thinking I was sleeping enough (I wasn’t), thinking I was rested enough (I wasn’t), thinking I was calm enough (I wasn’t), thinking I was listening to my intuition (I wasn’t) I just couldn’t get to the root cause to heal my diva insides. Three weeks back from The Quarter Life Health Project and I’m near enough, mostly, pretty much symptom free. So I can only put this down to finally finding a way to shift the stuck energy that was causing the issues, letting go of things, breaking down blocks, realigning my wonky chakras and finally learning how to physically and mentally chill the eff out and BREATHE.

Rachel, 28

I felt so safe and comfortable with all the girls and supported in the experience. It was such an unexpectedly beautiful thing to be so open with a group of strangers and to know it was without judgment and with reassurance and security. I left with a feeling that totally counteracted my anxiety, feeling unsafe is a big thing for me. Contradictory to this, the retreat also pushed me emotionally. It put me out of my comfort zone for the better and made me look at myself differently. The biggest word I would use is inspirational, it’s inspired me to live my life differently in the least cheesy way possible. Oh also one big thing I've found from the retreat is I've learnt to give up a bit. Not is a bad way, but to stress, less, and just trust that it will be ok. I feel like I was swimming upstream before and now I've learned to surrender and just trust. It sounds obvious but that was the biggest epiphany for me. The whole thing is inspirational not aspirational, it helps you like yourself more. There's too much on instagram and social media that makes you think you need to be someone else entirely. I felt the retreat and every member of the team, all inspired me to like myself and get to know ME more. And oh my goodness! THE FOOD!!!

Olivia, 26

I would describe this retreat as honestly life changing. I've never experienced anything like it. Being able to really switch on and focus on yourself, without the outside world. It was an amazing journey to be a part of. The support of the group, and girls on the retreat were incredible, we left with new friends for life, from all over the world. One of the main highlights was watching how everyone grew throughout the week, and how it helped and changed everyone. I think everyone, no matter their age, job role, walk of life, I think everyone would benefit from the quarter life health project. We all go on holidays to 'relax' but we never actually fully do, as we aren’t able to switch off, or deal with our problems. The quarter life health project is a holiday, retreat and fresh start all in one.

Emilie, 26

This retreat was brilliant! Life changing infact. It was so good for me in so many ways. I learned a lot, not only about myself, but about nutrition, meditation, life, people and it helped me focus again on what is important and made me realize again that its ok to love myself and look after myself and my body well. I think everyone should do this...why? Because I think whoever you are, whatever you know, however self-aware you are, you couldn’t leave this experience without gaining something from it.

Elizabeth, 32

I would highly recommend this retreat to all young women. I think it is a really unique retreat compared with others that are currently being offered and promoted. This isn't about a short-term health fix, it is about getting mentally fit (physically fit is secondary). I know so many girls my age suffering from anxiety and similar issues and I really think they would find this experience so rewarding.

Charlotte, 27

Well to say that this retreat has started to change my life would be an understatement! I learnt so much, firstly how to be comfortable around other women I had never met before! We all had our own story, some were past, some present and some future. I can honestly say I have made new friends for life! We shared our fears, we comforted one another when needed and we opened our hearts and minds to support one another. The experience for me personally was one that I will never forget and I still practice all I have learnt today! It helps me to start the day with a smile and I am so grateful to the amazing team for all their guidance and most of all the love they showed me when I found it hard to love myself.

Erica, 38

The Quarter Life Health Project was nothing short of life changing. As cliché as it sounds, I don’t say that lightly. I’ve done a lot of self-reflective and facilitation work in the past but something about how to care for myself clicked for me at QLHP. The healing, growth and overall effect on the group was palpable and speaks for itself.

Daniela, 24
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